General Relief

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Dallas County Community Services
25747 N Avenue, Suite D
Adel, IA 50003

Phone: 515-993-1731 or Toll-Free 877-286-3227    
Fax: 515-993-5872 
Hours:  8:00 AM -4:30 PM Monday through Friday (please call first for availability)

General Assistance Program Coordinator - Ryan Hemmer 


There are two (2) categories of general assistance in Dallas County, Iowa. They are assistance for needy persons and for poor persons.

Needy persons are defined as: a person or the family unit of that person who has legal settlement in Dallas County, Iowa and who, because of circumstances which are not attributable to that person, needs immediate assistance.

Poor persons are defined as: a person or family unit who has no property, exempt or otherwise and are unable, because of physical or mental disabilities, to earn a living by labor.

How Is Eligibility For Relief Determined?

If you reside in Dallas County and are a U.S. Citizen or legal alien, the first step is to complete a General Assistance application and provide the requested information. Providing inaccurate information will result in a determination of ineligibility and will render the applicant ineligible for General Assistance for a period of six months. Our General Assistance worker will review your application and if you meet our eligibility criteria, you will meet with the GA worker to help you determine your needs.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Funding may not always be available due to County budget constraints.

What Services Are Available?

  • Emergency food assistance
  • Shelter
  • Utilities
  • Medical Services
  • Burial

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