Dallas County Case Management

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Targeted Case Management (TCM) is an individually centered, family and community focused process through which clients are assisted in identifying, securing, and sustaining resources necessary to live in a normally interdependent way in the community.

Our purpose is to provide support, coordination, and education of available resources for people who are working to realize and/or maintain their personal life dreams and goals.

Case Management serves individuals diagnosed with mental retardation, chronic mental illness, or a developmental disability and individuals eligible for the HCBS Intellectual Disability Waiver (formerlly know as the Mental Retardation Waiver) per Iowa Code section 225C.20.

Case Management provides support and advocacy, with a focus on individual strenghts and desires.  It is a method to manage multiple resources effectively for the benefit of Medicaid consumers. The service is designed to help individuals gain access to appropriate and necessary medical services and interrelated social and educational services. Case Management ensures that necessary evaluations are conducted; individual service and treatment plans are developed, implemented, and monitored; and reassessment of individual needs and services occurs on an ongoing and regular basis. Dallas County Case Management is an accredited Case Management provider by the Iowa Department of Human Services.  Provider accreditation standards are set forth in 441 – Chapter 24.

If you are a person needing assistance accessing and coordinating multiple mental health services or HCBS Waiver services, please contact Brandon Tews at (515) 993-1722 to make a referral.

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