Middle / South Raccoon River Water Trail

The Middle/South Raccoon River Water Trail starts as two water trails that join midway below Redfield. Paddlers can start their float as far upstream in Guthrie County as:canoes on river

  • Lenon Mill Park in Panora on the Middle Raccoon River - just over 17 miles to confluence. This route includes a lowhead dam at Redfield that must be portaged around
  • Nation's Bridge Park near Stuart on the South Raccoon River - just over 15 miles to confluence.

 After the two rivers join, the trail continues approximately 19 additional miles to the confluence with the North Raccoon River near Van Meter. 

There are five public access areas along this water trail in Dallas County, two of which are managed by the Dallas County Conservation Board. 

The Redfield Dam Access (map here) is located on the Middle Raccoon River, just upstream from where the two rivers join. The access is below the low-head dam and has a large parking area and concrete boat ramp.

The South Raccoon River Access is located south of Redfield, just off of F-60 before the confluence. This access area is small and users must carry their watercraft down a gravel pad. 

The Pleasant Valley Wildlife Area is managed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. It is located south of F-60 at the end of Indian Trail. It includes a paved boat ramp and maintained parking area.

The Earlham Bridge Access is on the southwest side of the the P58 Bridge.

The Two Rivers Access is located in Van Meter at the end of this water trail.



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