Historical Legacy

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Dallas County's Rich Heritage

Our Native-American Legacy

One thousand years ago, the Great Oasis people settled into the South Raccoon River valley and began a human partnership with the land that is as unique and diverse as the land that provided their sustenance. Understanding the balance between the quality of human life and the quality of our environment includes an understanding of our human history.

 Kuehn Teepee  Archeological dig

Understanding this balance is especially important in Dallas County, the fastest growing county in the state. The Metro-Des Moines urban spread has pushed into our county at an alarming rate. Our landscape of rich river bottoms, hill timber, farms and small towns is disappearing, in some cases overnight. We have broadened our conservation imperative to include the preservation of these cultural and historical features before they are gone forever.

Thronburg Mill

Our Historical Legacy

From the time of the first pioneer settlers in 1847 to our modern era, Dallas County has contributed significantly to the American experience.

Our Dallas County historical and cultural resources offer a unique look at our county. We invite friends to visit our museums and historical buildings. We offer a number of programs and exhibits throughout the year to enrich your visits to our sites. Contact us for information about group presentations, hands-on demonstrations or guided tours.

If you are researching your family history or working on other research projects, our research collections contain records, diaries and maps at your disposal.



Oral Histories

Recording oral histories is a valuable way to document our history, interpret our cultures and provide insights into the museum collections, programs and events. Railroaders, small farmers, small town business people and others have unique memories of events and of day-to-day life that are being recorded to provide the next generation of historians with valuable resource material.

Our historical and cultural coordinator continues to document the recent histories of individuals in our county who have witnessed and been a part of our county's recent history.

DocumentsArtifacts and Material Collections

Each of our artifacts are numbered and cataloged so provenance and artifact history can be easily accessed. Museum exhibits are developed to reflect our unique Dallas County history.

Forest Park Museum has completely organized and updated a listing of all documents, diaries and letters available to researchers. These documents range from company histories to civil war and civilian diaries. The museum's photo collection is in our database and staff can assist researchers in looking up photo subjects on request.



Historical Sites
Forest Park Museum Forest Park Museum
14581 K Ave., Perry, Iowa
Voas Nature Area & Museum Voas Nature Area & Museum
19286 Lexington Rd., Minburn, Iowa
Dawson Depot Dawson Depot
307 Railroad Ave., Dawson, Iowa
Dayton House Dayton House
14750 Pecos Ct., Bouton, Iowa
Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.)
1213 Thomas St., Redfield, Iowa
Redfield Depot Redfield Depot
624 1st St., Redfield, Iowa


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