Human Impact on the Environment Program

Resources to Explore

Looking for information for a research project? Check out these resources!
See how the land has changed where you live! Zoom in on the map. Then click on the Basemaps tab to change your view.

South Raccoon River Government Gauge Readings

Raccoon River at Van Meter Government Gauge Readings

Are your test results the same as those recorded by the United States Geological Service River Gauge at Redfield?  Check it out!

pH of common items

Scroll to the bottom of this page about swimming pools to see a cool chart that shows the pH levels of some liquids you might know!

Explore More! Water Quality  Iowa Public Television

This site looks at the importance of water quality. You will research how we use water, who uses it, and how these uses impact the quality of water. You will learn how we have changed the way water cycles through our environment. You will find ways to make a difference in water quality through the choices you make.

STRIPS (Science-based Trials of Rowcrops Integrated with Prairie Strips)  

 This site looks at how farmers can drastically reduce the amount of soil running off their farm fields by adding native prairie plantings in certain areas.

Des Moines Water Works Watershed Video

A nearly 7 minute video that explain what a watershed is and what impacts the water quality for the central Iowa region.

Dallas County Project Using Wetlands to Clean Water

The Iowa Farm Bureau showcases how some farmers are working to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

City Of Waukee  Stormwater Management

The city of Waukee has a department that makes sure storm and sewer water go where they should. This site also includes things YOU can do to help protect water quality.

Iowa DNR Live Osprey Camera

Osprey (fish-loving birds of prey) have re-established nest sites in Iowa, including one near Jordan Creek Mall. These birds migrate south starting in September, so check back in the spring to see what is happening.

Water Pollution and the Rio Olympics

Water quality is not just an Iowa issue. This page has links to information and activities about water pollution and the 2016 Rio Olympics.