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Dairy barn and equipment shed at Hanging Rock ParkAs urban sprawl changes our landscape, we see many of our vanishing barns and farmsteads as artifacts in need of conservation. When Dallas County Conservation acquires land with existing structures, those building s are documented and an effort is made to incorporate them in our conservation plans.

The dairy barn and equipment shed at Hanging Rock Park in Redfield are examples of how historical buildings are a part of our conservation efforts. They have been retrofitted into an interpretive center and a picnic shelter while maintaining their architectural integrity.

Historic Preservation Commission

Certified Local Government (CLG)
The Dallas County Historic Preservation Commission, a Certified Local Government, enables local government and non-government organizations to develop historical and cultural resource programs, link city, county, and state government for funding through grants, and form planning and implementation strategies for county-wide programs.

The Dallas County Historic Preservation Commission promotes education and improves and preserves urban and rural historical and cultural resources. Historical and cultural landscapes express the dynamic of history and prehistory in Dallas County; one Commission objective is for Dallas County to progress in its preservation and conservation projects by realizing and implementing the identity and dynamic of place-based concepts.

Local preservation efforts are encouraged by the State Historic Preservation office for city and county-initiated historic preservation projects. The National Park Service provides funding through State grants to encourage local preservation efforts and develop programs for Historic Preservation Commissions through the Certified Local Government (CLG) Program.

Activities of the Commission:

  • Conduct surveys and/or inventories of historic properties in a community or the county.
  • Prepare nominations of buildings, sites, structures, objects and districts for the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Develop a community education program about historic preservation.
  • Design a streetscape plan to be used as a local model for proper restoration work. Integrate historic preservation with economic development.

Current project activities of the Dallas County Historic Preservation Committee:

  • Archaeological Survey of the North Raccoon River
  • Barn Preservation Program
  • Survey of fish weirs on the Raccoon River
  • Survey work of the northeast corner of Dallas County, called "The Valley."
  • Oral History Program
  • Assessment and Inventory of Dallas County's Historic and Cultural sites, including research on the Seth Dayton House, a former stagecoach inn south of Bouton.

CLG Members:

  • Sue Ellen Kennedy, Chair; Waukee
  • Donna Julseth, Vice Chair; Woodward
  • Lorinda Inman, Commissioner; Adel
  • Mark Hanson, Commissioner; Waukee
  • John Hoy, Commissioner; Redfield
  • Brian Eiteman, Commissioner; Perry

We are always looking for additional members to help preserve Dallas County's unique heritage!

For more information about the Dallas County Historic Preservation Commission, contact:

  • Pete Malmberg, Historical and Cultural Resources Coordinator, Dallas Co. Conservation Board ~ 515-465-3577
  • Donna Julseth, Chair, Dallas Co. Historic Preservation Commission
  • Iowa State Historical Office of Preservation ~ 515-281-6825/6826