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Abandoned Vehicle

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A private individual or garage keeper may apply for a Certificate of Disposal of an Abandoned Vehicle with the Dallas County Sheriff if the following apply:

  • If you are the property owner where the vehicle is abandoned.
  • The property is located in Dallas County.
  • If you did not receive a title for the vehicle (if you received a title you must go to the Auto Department and title the vehicle).
  • If you are wishing to destroy the vehicle. Once a Certificate of Disposal of an Abandoned Vehicle process is complete you CAN NOT retitle the vehicle for 25 years (this process is strictly intended for the demolish of the vehicle only, not for resale of the vehicle).

    If you wish to apply for a Certificate of Disposal of an Abandoned Vehicle follow the process below:

  1. Complete the 1st page of form Application for Authority to Transfer a Vehicle to a Demolisher.   To print this form click here: Application for Authority to Transfer a Vehicle to a Demolisher
    When filling out this form you need to follow the regulations that are provided by the Department of Transportation.  If you would like to review these guidelines:
    Click here for private individual guidelines                         Click here for a garage keeper guidlines
    After completing the application you will need to attach one photo of the front of the vehicle and one photo of the side of the vehicle with your application. 
  2. Take your application with photos to the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.  At this time we will review your application and verify the vehicle VIN#, last registered owners, and lien holders.
  3. After proper verification, the Dallas County Sheriff will then provide you with a typed letter that is required by law to be sent by certified mail to the last registered owner(s) and/or lien holders.   This letter states that they have ten days of reciept to contact the Dallas County Sheriff's Office if they choose to claim the vehicle.  The Private Individual or Garage Keeper requesting the disposal will be responsible for sending this certified letter and incur the expense.  Keep the tracking receipt to provide to the County Sheriff for proof of service, or this process will have to be repeated.
  4. If the last registered owners or lien holders do not respond, the County Sheriff will then issue a Certificate of Disposal of an Abandoned Vehicle to the Private Individual or Garage Keeper.  This form must be submitted to the County Treasurer's office within thirty days of the issue date to receive a Junking Certificate to issue to a Demolisher.