Dallas County Sheriff Chaplaincy Corps

The purpose of the Chaplain Corps is to offer friendship, support and spiritual assistance  to the Sheriff staff and the community that they come in contract with through their daily activity.

The Sheriff's Chaplain is an ordained minister with special interest and training for providing pastoral care to those in law enforcement and in the community. The place of the Chaplain is to help, support, listen, work with, and guide those who face such situations. 

Chaplain's are not sworn peace officers and volunteer their services to the Department. Chaplains are requested to ride with Deputies so as to familiarize themselves with the Deputies and their duties. Chaplains are called upon at times to assist with death notifications, hospital visitations of active and retired members and counseling of staff and family members. Chaplains offer assistance to the community as well through crisis assistance in traumatic events, as well as support through community services. 

Chaplains are appointed by the Sheriff. For more information regarding this program E-mail or call 515-993-4771.