Dallas County Sheriff Chaplaincy Corps

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In April 2009, the Dallas County Sheriff Chaplaincy Corps was organized by Dallas County Sheriff Chad Leonard.

The purpose of the Chaplain Corps is to offer friendship, support and spiritual assistance  to the Sheriff staff and the community that they come in contract with through their daily activity.

The Sheriff's Chaplain is an ordained minister with special interest and training for providing pastoral care to those in law enforcement and in the community. The place of the Chaplain is to help, support, listen, work with, and guide those who face such situations. 

Chaplain's are not sworn peace officers and volunteer their services to the Department. Chaplains are requested to ride with Deputies so as to familiarize themselves with the Deputies and their duties. Chaplains are called upon at times to assist with death notifications, hospital visitations of active and retired members and counseling of staff and family members. Chaplains offer assistance to the community as well through crisis assistance in traumatic events, as well as support through community services. 

Sheriff's Community Chaplains that serve in the Dallas County Jail may or may not be ordained but serve the Jail population with programs and ministry.

Chaplains are appointed by the Sheriff and work under the leadership of the Senior Chaplain.

Senior Chaplain Terry McClannahan

Chaplain Terry began his career as a law enforcement officer in Iowa, and later in Oklahoma and Arkansas. In 1993, he answered the call to ministry by attending Bible College and received his ordination as a minister of the gospel. Chaplain Terry served as a Police Chaplain with the Tulsa Police Department Chaplaincy Corps. for three years. 

After returning to Iowa in 1999, Chaplain Terry began serving as a Chaplain with the Iowa State Patrol in District 1 and 2. In 2007, he became a co- administrative Chaplain giving oversight to the State Patrol Chaplains and was assigned to Headquarters in Des Moines. 

Sheriff Chad Leonard started the Dallas County Sheriff's office Chaplaincy program in April 2009 and Chaplain Terry now coordinates this program. 

To contact Chaplain Terry, call (515) 559-4241, or send an email to: terry.mcclannahan@dallascountyiowa.gov


 Chaplain Chris Tjapkes

Chaplain Chris Tjapkes became a Chaplain with the Sheriff’s office in 2011. He currently serves the congregation of First Baptist Church in Perry. He has served this church since September of 2009. Previously he served churches in Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. He has been in ministry of one form or another since 1975.

Pastor Tjapkes graduated from Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School with a Master of Ministry degree in 2011. In 2011, he was trained and certified as a Law Enforcement Chaplain by In Pursuit Ministries.

Pastor Tjapkes has been married to Susan for 37 years and they have three grown children.

He can be contacted by cell phone: 515-657-1907 or email: chris.tjapkes@dallascountyiowa.gov