Jail Programs

Volunteer Programs

Inmate volunteer opportunities range from one on one counseling to group educational services. Programs and meetings are scheduled weekly and are facilitated by volunteer representatives.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous - District 20 Area 24
  • South Central Iowa Narcotic Anonymous - SCANA
  • Religious Studies - religious teaching and religious materials are provided to inmates upon request. Studies are offered weekly. 

Volunteer Applications

Volunteer applications are accepted year round. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous applicants must by pre-approved by the respective providers (above).  All volunteers are subject to a back ground check. Applications must be printed and submitted in person, by fax or by US mail.  Complete an online application.  

Jail Diversion and Mental Health Services 

Jail diversion and mental health services are contracted services by the county. 

  • Jail mini-screen upon entry (includes screening for brain injury and intellectual disability)
  • Mental health assessment within 24- 48 hours of positive screen
  • Substance abuse screen and evaluation (if screened positive or court ordered) within first week
  • Telepsych
  • Mental health counseling (routinely and as needed)
  • Post-sentence outpatient SA (while incarcerated) if approved by court
  • Psychotropic medication (provided by outside pharmacy so prescriptions can be taken upon discharge)
  • Court collaboration for MH, SA, and Veterans
  • Intensive case management
  • Transitional services
  • Specialty/Problem Solving Court