The Dallas County Sheriff's Office Civil Division is responsible for receiving, processing and serving civil and criminal court orders and legal documents. The Dallas County Sheriff's office is mandated by the Code of Iowa to charge a fee for processing & serving of civil documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a small Claims?
According to the state of Iowa code a small claim is any claim under $6,500.00. No attorney is required for filing or representing oneself in a small claims action.

How do I start a small claims action?
Contact the Clerk of Court for the appropriate forms to be completed and filed with the court.

What do I need to have papers served?
Full name and current address of both the plaintiff & defendant. Phone number,vehicle description,place of employment, and work hours of the defendant are also helpful.  

How long will it take the Sheriff’s Office to serve my documents?
We need 14 days to complete civil service from the time the documents arrive in our office.