Volunteer Opportunities

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Bird Nest Box Program

Every year Dallas County IRVM has a dedicated volunteer assist with its 22 bluebird nest boxes by becoming the bluebird trail monitor. The trail monitor is responsible for keeping sparrow nests out of the boxes and recording bluebird nesting success. Although this position is enjoyable and rewarding, the commitment is extensive with visits to the boxes being needed every two weeks.

Native Wildflower Production Area

Volunteers are able to assist with a variety of tasks at the WPA including hand weeding, planting, and seed harvest. Some wildflowers including black-eyed susans, grey-headed coneflower and ox-eye may colonize plots of other species. When this happens, these wildflowers need to be removed. A big benefit for assisting with this task is that volunteers are more than welcome to take home any wildflowers that have been “weeded!”

Adopt A Roadway Program

Volunteers can sponsor a minimum two-mile stretch of road. Sponsors must perform litter removal twice a year and have the option of establishing native prairie plantings, seed harvesting and hand weeding.