Adopt A Roadway Program

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The Dallas County Board of Supervisors enacted the Adopt-A-Roadway (AaR) program in July of 1999. The program was designed with two goals in mind, to provide service opportunities for the community, and to help maintain and beautify the roadsides. The A-a-R program allows for volunteers to sponsor a segment (minimum of 2 miles) of hard-surfaced county road where they can become involved in a number of activities including: litter removal, establishing native prairie plantings, seed harvesting and hand weeding.

These activities vary with each sponsor but litter removal must be done twice yearly. Typically, sponsors do trash cleanups in mid-spring and early fall. This allows for easier and more effective cleanup since the vegetation is less dense. The milder temperatures and reduced presence of insects at these times of year also make the work more enjoyable.

Currently, there are 26 dedicated groups sponsoring 56 miles of Dallas County roads with 126 miles of hard-surfaced roads still available for adoption. For more information about the Adopt-A-Roadway program or if interested in a sponsorship please contact Dallas County IRVM.

Garden Club Road Crew 11-01-03
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