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  • Entrance Permits

  • Entrances into fields, homes, and businesses are the property owner's responsibility to build and maintain.  An entrance permit, however, is required prior to any construction.  Although there is no charge for the permit, the Road Superintendent must review the proposed entrance on-site to evaluate sight distances, review construction standards with applicant, and determine if a drainage structure is needed. 
  • Online Entrance Permit
  • Oversize/Overweight Permits

  • Utility Permits


  • Snow Ordinance

    Plow truck crews are dispatched to clear the paved roads whenever one inch of snow has accumulated or ice conditions are expected.  Motor graders are sent onto the granular roads if three inches of snow have accumulated. 
  • Dust Control

    The most common complaint received by road departments is about dust generated by traffic on gravel roads.  The county does not apply dust control except where the road is established as a detour or haul road.  Residents should contact one of the approved contractors directly if you wish to have dust control applied:  2020 Dust Control Vendors List  To review Dallas County's dust control timeline for 2020, see the following document:  2020 Dust Control Timeline