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Qualified Life Events

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Qualified Life Events

When you enroll in health/dental insurance, life insurance, and/or AFLAC, your benefit elections remain in effect to the end of the calendar year and you cannot make any changes until the next open enrollment period.

You cannot make any changes until the next enrollment and change period unless you experience a qualified life event and the benefit change you request is consistent with the event. For example, a marriage is a family status change that would allow you to change from single health coverage to family health coverage because acquiring a spouse is consistent with a gain in eligibility for health coverage. You have 31 days from the date of the life event to make enrollment changes to your existing coverage selections.

Qualified events are defined by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, based on individual circumstances and plan eligibility. The following list may not apply to every benefit plan.

Qualified Life Event Categories

You may be able to change your benefit elections if…

You have a change in your legal martial status.

You have a change in the number of your dependents.

You have a change in your employment status.

Your spouse or dependent has a change in their employment status.

Your dependent has a change in his or her eligibility status.

You, your spouse or dependent has a change in residence.

You, your spouse or your dependent becomes entitled to Medicare or Medicaid.

You are served with a judgment, order or decree.

There is a change in cost by your dependent care provider.


Here are some helpful guides of what to do after a life event:

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