Employee Recognition

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The Board of Supervisors recognizes the following employees for their years of service to Dallas County in 2017.  Thank you for your dedication and service!

5 Years 10 Years 15 Years  20 Years  25 Years 30 Years  40 Years 
Heather Brown Melinda Harney  Mike Wallace Chris Adkins  Lisa J. Anderson Curt Crawford  Joy Albright
Joshua Sedden  Alicia Liby  Todd Noah  Mark Hilpipre      Barry Halling
Erin Freeman  Ashley Kuntz  Kim Jones  Lisa Kempf      
Brent Behnken Preston Coston  Pam Ledbetter  Mike Thomason      
Donna Boldy  Becky Massure  Stephanie Birt         
Andy Case             
Renee Farber             
Diana Haynes             
Heidi McKibben