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Veteran's Affairs is looking for a Female Veteran (pursuant to Iowa Code 69.16A) to serve on the Veterans Affairs Commission. Veteran must meet the requirements of Iowa Code 35 to qualify.

RESPONSIBILITIES: include meeting monthly and at other times as necessary to determine who is entitled to benefits and the probable amount required to be expended. The commission shall meet annually to prepare an estimated budget for all expenditures to be made in the next fiscal year and certify the budget to the board of supervisors. At each regular meeting the commission shall submit to the board of supervisors a certified list of those persons to whom benefits have been authorized and the amounts so awarded.

A member of the commission shall receive twenty-five dollars or a greater amount as established by the board of supervisors for each month during which the member attends one or more commission meetings and shall be reimbursed for mileage the same as a member of the board of supervisors. Compensation and mileage shall be paid out of the appropriation authorized in section 35B.14

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