Please arrive in our office before 4 PM for all title transfers or if you are moving into Iowa from another state.  **No title transfers, out-of-state move-ins, trailer transfers or junking certificates will be processed after 4 PM.

Affidavit of Correction

Affidavit of Lease Termination / Affidavit of Sale

Affidavit of Non-Use Statement

Application for Title

Bill of Sale

Bonded Title Application

Business Trade Affidavit

Certification of Trust

Damage Disclosure

Junking Certificate Application

Lease Tax Worksheet – Move-In from Out of State

Lease Tax Worksheet – New Purchase

Leased Vehicle - Application for Title

Lien Notation Application

Lost/Damaged in the Mail Affidavit

Military Non-Resident

Motor Home Class Certification

Personalized Plate Assignment

Personalized Plate Order

Refund Claim Form

Replacement Title Application

This is general information only.  Nothing is guaranteed until we see all completed, original documents in our office.  Transfers cannot be completed by mail.