Mitch Hambleton
Dallas County Treasurer

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Welcome to the Dallas County Treasurer's web site. We hope this will provide you with information you need and make contacting us easier and more efficient. Let me briefly identify the primary functions of this office:

  • The collection of property taxes for real estate parcels, mobile homes, and special assessments. We respond to tax inquiries, administer the Iowa Property Tax Program, Elderly Tax Credit Program and conduct the annual tax sale for the collection of delinquent taxes. You can pay your taxes on line at or click on “Visit the Iowa Treasurer’s Portal.”
  • The financial administration, banking services, cash management and investments for the county. We manage $195 plus million per year in receipts, distribution of collections to schools, cities and all other taxing agencies.
  •  The issuance of vehicle titles and registrations, and the collection of all vehicle fees for residents of Dallas County. We process vehicle transactions, respond to telephone inquiries, provide service to walk-in customers and collect fees. You can pay your motor vehicle fees on line at or click on “Visit the Iowa Treasurer’s Portal above.”
  •  Driver's Licenses and identification cards are issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation. Please visit their web page for service times and locations. 

It is our goal to provide quality customer service to the residents of Dallas County through all our departments and be prudent and responsible in managing the financial assets of the county. Please tour our web site for additional information about this office.


Mitch Hambleton