Dallas County Recorder History

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The Office of the County Recorder was created by the First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Iowa in 1839. In 1860, the law provided that "each organized county shall elect a judge of the county court, a prosecuting attorney, a clerk of the district, a recorder, a sheriff, a surveyor, a coroner and a supervisor of roads." It also provided that the recorder shall be treasurer of the county. The law required the recorder to "keep books for entering deeds" and a deed was not to be considered lawfully recorded unless previously acknowledged (notarized) or proved as provided by law.

Your County Recorder continues to maintain official records of documents affecting real estate in order to protect innocent third parties in real estate transactions. The County Recorder's office is at the hub of county administration. A significant portion of duties performed by other county officials is dependent on work performed by your County Recorder. Although this basic duty remains relatively unchanged, many additional functions have been added to the office.

Dallas County Recorders

Took Office        County Recorder

Ruth Sumner      ChadAirhart

   Ruth Sumner - 1917          Chad C. Airhart - 2011

1849                 S. K. Scovel
1851                 R. Y. Irwin
1852                 John W. Hayes
1855                 J. P. Eckels
1860                 F. S. Graham
1865                 J. Perkins
1869                 John W. Coons
1875                 J. W. Mattox
1879                 J. G. Howes
1883                 W. W. Machen
1887                 T. C. Walsh
1891                 J. W. Henderson
1895                 W. J. Cole
1901                 John W. Grimes
1907                 F. B. Chapman
1908                 A. C. Cole
1915                 Clara W. Cole
1917                 Ruth Sumner
1921                 Marvel E. Wright
1928                 Marvel E. Wright Hogoboom
1931                 Hazel Jolley
1936                 Hazel Jolley Van Meter
1937                 Amelia Fidler (Deputy in '32, appointed Recorder in '37)
1957                 Marguerite Gowin
1979                 Marguerite West
1988                 Carol “Cindy” Hol (Deputy in '79, appointed Recorder in '88)
2011                 Chad C. Airhart