Mark Hanson

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 I support the Mission Statement for Dallas County which was adopted as part of the Comprehensive Plan in June, 2000. It says;


“Dallas County has significant natural resources. Agricultural land and the Raccoon River Greenbelt area should be protected from development. Development should be directed in and near incorporated areas and away from prime agricultural areas and greenbelt areas. The lands in Agricultural Zones should be exclusively intended for agriculture, conservation, recreation, floodplain and open space.”

Mark was elected to serve a four year term on the Board of Supervisors beginning January, 2005. He lives in Waukee with his wife Tamera (Wiggins) and his two sons Cole and Chase. Mark graduated Cum Laude from Mankato State University, 1979 with a BS degree in Recreation, Parks and Natural Resources. His wife Tamera is a Dallas Center native and an Iowa State graduate. Email Mark.