Victim Witness Information

Victim-Witness Program

The Victim-Witness program exists to help you understand your part in the criminal justice system and to help the system take your needs into consideration whenever possible. The Victim-Witness Coordinator can:

Keep you informed of the progress of your case
Accompany you if you have go to court
Help you receive restitution from the defendant
Help you get back property that has been held in evidence
Inform you of your rights as a victim

If you have a case pending, please keep in touch with us. We need to have your current address and phone number.

You may experience some of these feelings after you have been victimized:

   • A sense of violation

   • Anger and frustration

   • Increased fear

   • A feeling of loss of control over your life

   • A loss of trust in other people

All of these feelings are natural responses to the trauma of victimization. Many victims share these responses. You can speed your recovery by keeping in touch with your feelings and talking about them. For information on counseling and other local victim services or preventative measures you can take to help reduce the risk of being victimized again, or just for a listening ear, call the Victim-Witness Assistance Program. 

Simple Misdemeanors

This information is directed towards victims and witnesses involved in crimes that are serious misdemeanors, aggravated misdemeanors or felonies. If the crime you were a victim of, or a witness to, is a simple misdemeanor, procedures are somewhat different. The legal interns in the County Attorney's Office can help you. Information is also available from the Clerk of Court. Feel free to call the County Attorney's Office if you are not sure what level of charge has been filed.

Juvenile Court Services

If you are the victim of a crime committed by someone under the age of 18, you may contact the Assistant County Attorney in charge of juvenile matters for information about your rights and the status of your case. You may also contact Juvenile Court Services at (515)993-5805.