Chuck Sinnard

Chuck Sinnard was elected to office and assumed the responsibilities of County Attorney in January 2019.

The Duties of the Dallas County Attorney:

  1. The County Attorney, governed by Chapter 331 of the Iowa Code, ensures that the laws of the State are enforced within Dallas County, prosecutes violators of the law and acts as legal counsel to the Board of Supervisors.
  2. Defends the County in all actions brought against it.
  3. Legal advisor and draws indictment for Grand Jury.
  4. Collects money owed to the State and County.
  5. Prosecutes violations of the Dallas County Code of Ordinance.

The Dallas County Attorney does not:

  1. Represent individuals or private groups in lawsuits.
  2. Provide legal advice for individuals or private groups on any issue.
  3. Prepare wills, deeds, trusts, or any other legal documents for individuals or private groups.

If you are in need of an attorney, visit these resources:

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