Board of Review Protest

NOTE - the online protest form below is ONLY accepted via
fax or US postal service and must be PRINTED. 

Protest Form

The Dallas County Board of Review is comprised of five members.  All members live in Dallas County and are not employed by the Assessor's office nor any other county office.

2018 Board Member positions:

  • Georgia Vincent, Farmer, Chair
  • Craig Gratias, Builder 
  • Marsha Bannister, Broker, Vice Chair 
  • Jody Smith, Retired Civic Administration, Clerk
  • Charles Goodall, Realtor

(Members' phone numbers are not given to the public.)

Meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates and times will be posted twenty-four hours prior to the meeting.  The Board will be in session during the month of May, and if needed, may request an extension from the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Notification of the Board's decision will be mailed after they have adjourned.  The decision letter will also include options for further action through the Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB) or District Court, if desired.  The website address for the PAAB is:  Latest version of the Board of Review Duties are: Board of Review Duties 2016

Rules and Procedures

The Board will allow ten (10) minutes for an oral hearing for each distinct property.

The hearing will be informal and the Board will allow questions and statements by all parties involved.  A representative from the Assessor’s office shall be present during the Board’s proceedings to ensure the Board will have access to all public records in the Assessor’s office.  The Board may audio record each hearing.

A petition to the Board of Review must be filed between April 2nd and April 30th inclusive.  Board of Review will only accept faxed or post office mailed petitions.   Petitions not filed timely will be notified after the Board adjourns.  The Board will not act upon any petition that is not filed on time or properly filled out.  All petitions must be signed by an owner or authorized agent with agent authorization attached. 

Petitions not marked yes or no for a hearing will be considered as an non-oral hearing.  Petitions marked yes, or not marked, with a comment such as “if needed” or “if necessary” will be considered as an non-oral hearing.

The Board gives the Assessor’s office permission to send subpoenas, letters of inspection, and letters of discovery to obtain additional pertinent information from any and all petitioners as needed.

The Board of Review will notify a petitioner by phone, email or mail as to the appointment time for their requested oral hearing.  Notification by mail will be postmarked ten (10) days prior to the actual hearing date.  If the appointment is missed by the petitioner there will be a make-up date towards the end of the session where petitioners will be allowed to present their case to the Board.  Also, a petitioner may still submit information to be considered in the protest without a hearing.

You must furnish documentation to support your appeal.  The Board of Review only acts on appeals of valuations – not taxes.  The burden of proof shall be upon the petitioner to prove that the valuation is excessive, inequitable, or inadequate per Iowa Code 441.21(3).

The Board of Review may request or subpoena the following information:

  1. A copy of an appraisal
  2. A copy of a sales agreement
  3. An itemized listing of any and all construction costs, remodeling costs, or repair costs.
  4. Income and expense statements with rent rolls.

The Board of Review may request additional information to clarify a petitioner’s case and if necessary the Board does have the ability to serve a subpoena upon a taxpayer who is appealing their property valuation under Iowa Code 441.32.

You may be asked to allow the Board of Review or a representative from the Assessor’s office to inspect your property to verify assessment information.

The Board of Review will mail a “Notice to Property Owner as to Assessment” to all petitioners or their agents after all protests have been heard, actions have been taken, and the Board adjourns.

 Adopted May 1, 2017