The Operations Administration Office was created to assist the Board of Supervisors with accounting functions.

The Operations Administrator manages the accounting functions of the County including budgets for all departments and feasibility studies for County projects, as well as assisting the Board with policy and long-range operation planning and decisions. The Operations Administrator also oversees Information Services and Facilities Management.

The Assistant Operations Administrator handles the monthly reconciliation of accounts for the County, as well as bill paying for various departments, grant management and tracking, and the management of Capital Assets, including tagging and inventory, under the GASB 34 accounting standards.

Mission Statement:

Provide fiscally sound financial support to all internal and external customers while ensuring compliance with all government procedures.  Financial management that utilizes short and long term planning to facilitate a high performance organization.

Services Provided:

  • Provides financial management assistance to the Board of Supervisors and departments
  • Responsible for the development, monitoring and control of the County's Annual Operating Budget
  • Forecast and monitor the County's revenues and expenditures
  • Assist departments in the development of effective Performance Measures
  • Conduct research and analysis for special projects as requested by the Board of Supervisors
  • Budgetary oversight of long term debt; capital projects and planning
  • Assist the Board of Supervisors with CIP/CEP planning
  • Assist the Board of Supervisors in long term planning documents (5-10 year budget forecasting  CIP/CEP)
  • Monitor and report grant funding projects
  • Tracking and reporting capital and fixed assets

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