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County Seeks Board of Health Volunteers

Post Date:08/28/2018 12:49 PM

The Dallas County Board of Supervisors is seeking volunteers to serve on the Dallas County Board of Health.

Board of Health Duties and Responsibilities: The purpose of the Board of Health, as a legal component of local governmental structure is to:

1. Assume full legal authority and responsibility for the operation of the Public Health Nursing Agency and the Environmental Health Agency.

2. Be responsible for establishing and promoting the Public Health Nursing Program and Environmental Health Agency.

3. Oversee personnel action recommended by Administrators.

4. Act as County Nursing Advisory Board and appoint agency administrators.

5. Oversee the management of fiscal affairs of the agencies and appoint persons to serve on the Budget Committee.

6. Adopt and periodically review written policies.

7. The Board of Health will meet at least quarterly.

The Dallas County Board of Health shall consist of five (5) members, appointed by the Dallas County Board of Supervisors, at least one of whom shall be a physician licensed in Iowa as defined by law. All members appointed shall serve a period of three (3) years, with terms to be staggered.

The Board of Health will meet at least quarterly. The place, date, and time of regular meetings will be determined by the board and shall comply with the provisions of open meetings law as found in The Code of Iowa. Special meetings may be called as needed by the chairperson or by any

three board members. At least 24-hour notice shall be given of special meetings except in case of emergency. “Special meetings may be conducted by phone as approved by the chair or any 3 board members”. A quorum shall be three (3) members or more.

To submit an application please click the link below: