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West Nile Virus information

Post Date:06/19/2009

Dallas County has been notified by the University Hygienic Laboratory that the crow found in the City of Perry and submitted August 8, 2003, has tested positive for the West Nile Virus. Those cities having a mosquito program are encouraged to continue through this mosquito season. Residents of Dallas County are encouraged to protect themselves during the hours when mosquitos are most active (early morning and evening). If you use a product containing DEET, it should be sprayed on your clothing and not directly on your skin. If you do apply it to your skin, be sure to wash thoroughly with soap and water when you come inside for the day. All dog watering bowls and birdbaths should be emptied daily to prevent new hatches. If you have tires on your property, please remove the water and if possible dispose of them properly. Greenman Technologies of Iowa located at 1918 East Euclid, Des Moines, is a tire recycler or you can take them to the North Dallas Landfill located north of Perry. There will not be any other tire collection programs in Dallas County until late spring of 2004.

West Nile Virus has begun to affect our general public as well as our livestock. We all need to work together to protect ourselves and not allow water to collect where mosquitos can continue to hatch new batches. Your public support as always is greatly appreciated during this mosquito season.

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