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Fall  Equinox Observation  

 Hanging Rock Conservation Area—Redfield

Friday, September  22

6:30 a.m. to sunrise

Join us, at 6:30 a.m., to observe the Equinox sunrise  on the astronomical clock at Hanging Rock.  Learn about the clock, its history and pause to consider the celestial waltz of the seasons as we celebrate this wild day.

Star Gazing

  • Date: 01/30/2017 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Location: Bear Creek Nature Center - Kuehn
  • Introduction: The sky is full of stories. We invite you to join us in this stellar library.

I bet you know the Big Dipper, but did you know it is really a large bear known as Ursa Major?  Further more can you tell the story of how this bear came to be in the heavens, with a stretched out tail, positioned with it’s son the Little Dipper, Ursa Minor. The stars in these two familiar constellations not only fueled the imaginations of the ancient Greek and Roman astronomers, but they also were included in the star stories of  First Nations People long ago here in the prairies of Dallas County. Surprisingly, the Native peoples also saw a bear in the sky, but it’s story is completely different. Who could have known we have a bear hunt taking place over our heads every night of the year. The sky is full of stories. We invite you to join us in this stellar library, with books written not in letters and sentences but in star light. Join us in the night time wilds of  Dallas County as we share a few winter constellation stories. Registration is required for this program.


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